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Doodles, part 3 by XalenTheWolf Doodles, part 3 by XalenTheWolf
Control (:iconsilvori:), Old Ragnarok, Young Ragnarok.

Background story:

Ragnarok, a young dog of around 15 years old, was in a land in a middle of a war. He lost his parents and was alone seeking for a plac where he can be safe, until he find a creature that  reach out him. His name was Control, the leader of a specie called then Crystal Bugs, because they use the power of a powerful crystals to leave in peace. Those crystals were also the reason of the war, everyone wanted to use their power for their own ends.
Control brought Ragnarok to a place where a lot of crystal bugs were living, some were flying in a wierd form, some other were playing happily... There was a very big green crystal in the centre of the colony where Control was usually watching everyone when he was playing with a normal size white emerald. Ragnarok lived peacefully during years, until some invaders found their hidden place. There was a battle where Ragnarok was injured badly. Two of his new friends went inside him to heal him, but something weird happened...
His hands showed black flames and he couldn't control himself. He burned everything in the colony, fortunately, only the invaders died, but also some of his friends got hurt. In next days, Control was helping to heal everyone after the fire, but something weird was going on. The 2 that helped Ragnarok didn't go out, instead, Ragnarok's body started to change. He grew up and his tail transformed into a demon one. Control was trying to help Ragnarok, but nothing worked. After a few weeks, Ragnarok was discovered absorbing more crystal bugs. He lost his mind, he was only obsessed with more power. His eyes were turned into red swirls.
Control was scared, there were no form to stop him, more he absorbed, more powerful he was becoming. The only thing he could do was grab the few ones that was still alive and use the big crystal and some others to use the chaos control and leave.
The only things that nowadays we know its that everything banished after that, even the crystals that left there. Control could only save 5 Crystal Bugs, he didn't know what to do, they lost everything... Until he noticed something... A miracle. There was an egg inside a green crystal of the 12 crystals that he could bring with him, counting the big one, about to hatch. From it, a new Crystal bug was born. Quickly, he put it inside the big green crystal, so the new friend will develop properly. Control had to give the new being a name, so he decided to name him Ferocious and he swore to protect him.
After that, we don't know what happened to them, only we know that the child was known as Ragnarok became a monster that almost destroyed everything, but the people found 4 of the crystals that had Control. He maybe lost them, but it helped to defeat him and seal him in the current Temple of the Skies...

I hope you enjoyed it. XD
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Silvori Featured By Owner Jan 22, 2017   Digital Artist
I enjoyed the story ^^ and now I know what the old man Ragnarok look like , I have been wondering about that one. ^^ The birth of Fero. X3
And now I want to make the story into a mini comic ^w^ (I just really like making comics)
XalenTheWolf Featured By Owner Jan 23, 2017
I'm gñad you liked it. ^^
When I was making the story, I wonder when he was born, so I decided to do it in that part. XD
I also thought about how many emerald parasites left, so I thought about one per chaos emerald (the master emerald doesn't count XD).
I starting to see it very well, I'm only making you work a lot. XD
Silvori Featured By Owner Jan 23, 2017   Digital Artist
That seems like a good origin story ^^
So it's Control for the 7 chaos emeralds, the other 5 E.P are for the 4 sacred crystals plus that 1 green crystal that has the unborn Fero inside.
Yes that maybe it XD
XalenTheWolf Featured By Owner Jan 23, 2017
No, I thought all 7 for each CE, since the white CE is which contains Control's power. XD
And they were in total the 13 crystals, the Master emerald, the 7 chaos emerals, and the 4 keys of the temple
Silvori Featured By Owner Jan 23, 2017   Digital Artist
The white CE contains Control's power, but all 7 of the CE are Control's body in parts. ^^; So Control saves 6 other Crystal bugs rather than 5.
13 crytals.. but Master emerald plus the 7 chaos emeralds plus the 4 sacred crystal adds up to 12.. meaning there was an extra crystal to make it 13 crystals.
XalenTheWolf Featured By Owner Jan 23, 2017
Ouch, my maths XD Yes, they were 12. And I see, but I wanted not to count Master emerald, so Fero would be the 7th. So everyone will have their emerald to live, even if they are connected to Control. And let's say he picked the crystals that they had been made from himnand some more. XD
Silvori Featured By Owner Jan 23, 2017   Digital Artist
oh okay, So it is Control is the white CE, Fero is the green CE and the other 5 crystal bugs are the other 5 CE. 
ah okay that works. ^^ that will be interesting when the other emeralds show up in the rp. XD
and if Fero is born from the Green CE he is technically Controls "Child"
XalenTheWolf Featured By Owner Jan 23, 2017
Updated a little.
Yeah, I'm interested too. XD
Maybe, his biological parents probably found a good place to put their egg. XD
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